When your fridge or freezer is down, you can potentially lose money on spoiled food!  If your fridge or freezer isn’t cooling, starting or just not working as well as it used to, Ottawa Repair Appliance will take care of it!  Our technicians have a lot of experience fixing all kinds of refrigerators. They are all factory trained and certified. That means they know everything there is to know about refrigerator repair and main. Our techs will be able to correctly diagnose what is wrong, order the right parts as needed and professionally install those parts. They are punctual and detail-oriented. You can be sure that we will do the job right the first time. And of course, we clean up after ourselves.


Don't attempt to fix your washer or dryer yourself! Ottawa Appliance Repair is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repair any residential laundry appliance. No matter what make or model you have, our highly experienced and skilled technicians can repair it. We have over 10 years of experience. You will find we are affordable and we let you know upfront exactly how much your charges will be. We are available 24/7 for your washing machine repair. Again if your washer overflowing, door or lid won’t lock, vibrating or shaking we can help. Our specialists can repair the machine of any type to cover any problem no matter how serious it is. Just drop us a line or make a call to appoint the master visit to help you solve even the hardest problems with your washer.


Dryers have simplified the process of the laundry significantly and reduced the time spent on it. Now you don’t have to take linens to a line to dry, you just have to set a timer and everything will be done for you in a much shorter period. Hardly anything can be so frustrating as clothes dump after you washed them. When there is an issue with your dryer it puts the hamper on your laundry. While most of the complaints about dryer are it just doesn’t dry, we know that there are more reasons for its improper work. Do it you self methods are not reliable enough since you can hardly know what actually is the reason for the dryer breakdown. Whatever goes wrong the best option you can take is applying for dryer repair service.


Our company also provide cooktop  repair services in Ottawa . If you have issues with your cooktop  such as cooktop  not getting too hot, temperature controls not working, or broken sensors you need the help of appliance repair professional. Modern appliances are often pretty complicated. They have computer chips, expensive sensors, etc. You will need someone who knows what they are doing and who has experience. Ottawa Repair Appliance has a factory trained and certified cooktop repair experts. They will be able to help you with every aspect of repair and make sure that your cooktop is fully functional, clean and safe.


When our stove or oven is broken, you can depend on Ottawa Repair Appliance for stove and oven repair services. We make sure that you enjoy a warm dinner tonight. Our skilled technicians repair electric stoves, ovens and ranges. For reliable, speedy, and affordable repair services, you can relying on our team. We provide stove and oven repairs throughout Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Gatineau, Orleans and Manotick. After we schedule your service, our highly-trained service technicians will come to your kitchen, quickly diagnose the problem, efficiently repair it and your stove or oven will be like new in no time. Call us now to book your appointment.


A dishwasher is an essential part of any kitchen. Some of the best-known models are Miele dishwasher, LG dishwasher or Samsung dishwasher or any other. Without a good washer for you dishes, you end up with a pile of dirty dishes. Often after a long time, extensive use washers break down, or they just don’t work as good as the day you bought them. This is a good time for maintenance or repair appointment with one of our appliance repair professionals. They will help you with all of your needs no matter how easy or complicated the project is. Ottawa Repair Appliance always have flexible scheduling and even same-day appointments available.